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Information on this page will be added as the season develops.  This will be the primary resource page for 2022 Championships.

***Order of scheduled performances at AFA will be 5A then 4A in 2022 per the every other year rotation***

*** Small School rotation for 2022 Championship Weekend will be 3A/1A/2A***

2022 State Application Material

To apply for participation in the 2022 CBA State Marching Contest, EACH of the following forms need to be completed.  Complete the NFHS Safety course prior to beginning the application form as you will be asked to upload a copy of your certificate of completion.  If you have taken the course in the last 3 years and can locate your certificate, you can upload that and not repeat the course at this time.

Deadline for submission and approval of all materials is August 20, 2022.  Refer to section 5.04 of the Marching Handbook for deadline penalty.

2022 State Application Form (entry)

2022 Copyright Form

NFHS Student Safety Certificate Course

2022 Announcement Form


2022 Staff Form:  DEADLINE July 25

CBA Registration Payment Link

5A/4A State Championships Information


1A 2A & 3A State Championships Information